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IAEA -- Technical Reports Series No. 419
Extent of Environmental Contamination by
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and
Technological Options for Mitigation

US ISU Physics -- Radioactivity in Nature

US DOE -- DOE Tackles NORM

USGS -- NORM in Produced Water and Oil-Field Equipment
-- An Issue for the Energy Industry

US EAD-ANL -- Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)
Oil and gas production and processing operations sometimes
cause naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM)
to accumulate at elevated concentrations in by-product
waste streams...

US RRC-TXNORM -- Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material
NORM, or naturally occurring radioactive material,
is found almost everywhere...
Railroad Commission Regulations for Disposal of Oil and Gas NORM

US TCEQ -- Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Radioactive Waste Disposal: NORM Disposal

US KYNORM -- NORM evaluation in oil fields of Kentucky

US NDNORM -- NORM regulation in North Dakota

US NYNORM -- NORM in Oil and Gas Wells in New York State

US OKNORM -- NORM Technology Connection

US IEM-INC -- NORM Consultation Services

US TXNORM -- Licensing of NORM
Texas Regulations for Control of Radiation
(effective April 11, 1999)

US EPA-TENORM -- US Environmental Protection Agency - TENORM website
TENORM is produced when human activity, such as
uranium mining or sewage treatment, concentrates or
exposes to the environment radionuclides that occur
naturally in ores, soils, water, or other natural

US CRCPD -- Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors. Inc.
Regulation And Licensing of TENORM

TheTENORMPage -- Home of All things NORM/TENORM discussion group

TENORM Legislation - Theory and Practice

AU UIC -- UIC Nuclear Issues Briefing Paper # 59


NL RTD -- The RTD Group : making the invisible visible Oil and gas industry

US ENNOVATIONINC -- NORM Radioactive software
Data collection and reports simplified for all NORM concerns.

US MCLINC -- Materials and Chemistry Laboratory, Inc.
A new era of industrial forensics, materials
characterization, process optimization, and
environmental chemistry with expertise in:
Chemical Manufacturing * NORM
Environmental * Sources of NORM
Food Processing * NORM Investigation
Paper Manufacturing * Sources of NORM
Pharmaceuticals/Medical * NORM Investigations

US AIRCHEK -- Radon testing

US RADELEC -- Alpha (NORM) Contamination in Pipes, Tools and Objects

US WPI -- Worcester Polytechnic Radiation Safety

NORM - Prefixes and Metric Conversions

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